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Kiss in Hell

Fantasy Otome

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Age ratingPEGI-12

Description of Kiss in Hell: Fantasy Otome

“Wouldn’t it be ecstatic, if I were in your secret dreams?”

Steamy dreams that continue every night, and the dangerous yet tempting man who appears in them…

“I must be crazy, dreaming of the man again!”

Waking up from another unspeakable secret dream, with a flushed face, what unfolds is a weird mansion?!

“Think you can handle me with that small body of yours?”

Thrown amongst various demon lords each bubbling with desire, can you survive their world?

[Introducing Kiss in Hell]

“I crave every bit of you.”

-Greed Demon Lord, Mammon.

“I am a greedy one, you might not be able to handle them.”

-Lust Demon Lord, Asmodeus.

“Remember, the moment you even glared at others....”

-Jealousy Demon Lord, Leviathan.

“You better not make me angry.”

-Wrath Demon Lord, Satan

Storytaco presents an intense otome game, Kiss in Hell: Fantasy Otome!

An interactive choice-based fantasy romance game!

In the captivating universe of Kiss in Hell, filled with thrilling twists, seize love and write your own love story!

(Caution) Your choice decides your fate.

[Kiss in Hell Story]

“I want to devour you, from head to toe.”

Spending years under a curse, ‘I’ enter an isolated detention center for the demon lords in the hope of breaking it…

"You walked in on your own? Didn’t you think you’d be devoured?"

Arrived at the detention center as if lured by someone, chilling eyes, and shadows greeted ‘me’. But it’s too late to run away! The thrilling and secret story with those men has already begun!

"A Kiss in Hell, isn’t that romantic?"

[Kiss in Hell Key Point]

① A heart-racing romance for mature audiences!

② Various characters and costumes that lead to your desired ending!

③ Increase character affinity and collect high-quality, intense romantic illustrations!

[Why You'll Love Kiss in Hell]

- Perfect for fans of female-centric otome and dating simulation games.

- Ideal for those seeking a steamy romance with alluring characters in a demon world-themed otome.

- A must-play for those who love female-oriented otome or visual novels in demonic settings.

- For lovers of immersive, high-quality, steamy romantic illustrations.

- Perfect for those who enjoy exploring varied outcomes in an intense narrative.

- A great choice for players who love making impactful choices and experiencing diverse endings.

- A treat for dark fantasy enthusiasts who relish twists and pivotal decision-making.

- Ideal for those eager to encounter seductive devil characters in female-oriented story games.

- A haven for fans of passionate stories featuring enticing devils.

- Perfect for thrill-seekers who crave a blend of perilous thrillers and otome romance simulations.

- For those longing to fall in love and share kisses with charming, seductive demon characters.

- A follow-up joy for players who were captivated by Blood Kiss.

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Kiss in Hell: Fantasy Otome - Version 1.0.4

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Developer:StoryTaco.incPrivacy Policy:http://storytaco.com/other/privacy.phpPermissions:17
Name: Kiss in Hell: Fantasy OtomeSize: 105.5 MBDownloads: 1Version : 1.0.4Release Date: 2024-04-11 08:34:17Min Screen: SMALLSupported CPU:
Package ID: com.storytaco.p31clientSHA1 Signature: 32:9B:97:F3:7A:8E:2B:C7:6A:EE:8A:25:57:7D:F6:4C:04:8A:BE:00Developer (CN): AndroidOrganization (O): Google Inc.Local (L): Mountain ViewCountry (C): USState/City (ST): California

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